Aaron's 2" Basswood Blinds
You'll find these beautiful 2" Basswood blinds exclusively from Aaron's Blinds.

Aaron's Basswood Blinds can be fabricated to fit almost any window, even arch-top windows!  



These two pictures show how Aaron's 2" Basswood blinds will enhance any room, whether open or closed.  

With our custom-made 2" Basswood blinds, you can have an almost infinite range of flexibility.

Having the blinds completely open gives you a virtually uninterrupted view.  

Having the blinds partially closed yeilds soft light while still allowing you to see outside.  

Finally, completely closing the blinds gives you complete privacy and excellent light control.  

The cloth tapes, as showin in this picture, help keep out unwanted light and completely cover the "rout holes" that the lift cords run through. These cloth tapes are available in a range of colors to complement or contrast with the color of your blinds.