PowerRise Remote Control System
Simplicity of design makes DuetteŽ with PowerRiseŽ easy to install, operate, and maintain. Because the system is battery powered, no complicated wiring is required. Raise and lower shades at the touch of a button using the sleek hand-held remote control.

Our ever-popular, battery operated remote control system now is available with a timer, which means you can program your blinds to stop anywhere between the open and closed positions, any time during the day or night!  

The PowerRise system completely eliminates lift cords, removing the temptation for kids to reach out and grab them. There's also a built-in safety stop that automatically halts the shade if anything enters its path.  

PowerRiseŽ is available on DuetteŽ honeycomb shades, SilhouetteŽ window shadings and our BrillianceŽ pleated shades.